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The V&A Toilets

Date: January 2019


  • Refurbishment of staff toilets
  • Refurbishment of VIP toilets
  • Decoration
  • Waste Removal

What did the V&A require?

Both the staff toilets and the VIP toilets needed extensive refurbishment and refitting including the installation of a new ventilation system.

What did MC Designers do?

MC Designers were first required to rip out all the existing toilets and fittings including extensive waste removal in accordance with UK legislation. All the ventilation system was also removed and a new improved system was installed to replace it. MC Designers were then required to install new flooring, mirrors, vanity cupboards, and sanitary wear. The entrance doors were repainted while the ceilings were renovated and repainted. In addition, the VIP toilets required extensive wall tiling and panels to be fitted.