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Tate Britain

"A belated but heartfelt thank you for pulling out all the stops to get this year's Turner Prize off the ground. We had a number of hurdles this year - compressed build and install period, late decisions about the comments room and publication, not to mention the considerable challenge of staging performance for the first time in the exhibitions history - all of which inevitably added to everyone's workloads (and stress levels). But it has been a real pleasure working with all of you and it has reminded me of what a well-oiled and flexible machine Tate can be, with such a wealth of skill, experience and enthusiasm. A fantastic looking exhibition, four happy artists and some of the best Turner Prize reviews in recent memory are testament to that.

Many, many thanks!"


"This is to confirm that all works were completed to a satisfactory standard.

Actually, the standard was more than satisfactory: it was extremely high, and we enjoyed working with you all."

Tate Britain

"I have had a continuing relationship with M.C. Designers over nearly a decade now throughout which I have never had reason to complain or criticise, either on a professional or personal level. In my experience of working with builders and technicians all over the world and in many institutions, my best memories often go back to working with them and their team. They have the speed and efficiency of professionals but through the guidance of the directors there is an understanding and enthusiasm not often found in tradesmen when it comes to the sometimes unusual demands of artists. An example of this difference was my two experiences of the Turner Prize, between the contractors in Liverpool in 2007 compared to the supportive structure offered by M.C. Designers in 2001.

When I head to the Tate to meet up with friends and colleagues M.C. Designers are always up there at the top of the list of people I like to see. They are a great asset to the institution on many levels and inspire confidence in the Tate's capabilities to deliver even the most ambitious construction projects."

Royal Academy
of Engineering

"I have held back emailing you all until the dust has settled on the newly refurbished and refurnished G1 and until the first comments had come in. As many of you know, we held our Council meeting in the new room on Monday evening and it was open for our Fellows who attended the AGM to look in to.

You will be pleased to know that the feedback has been uniformly excellent. Everything has come together spectacularly well and we have a room in which we can be justifiably proud. I think it is fabulous

So I am very grateful to you for the design, which has really worked. I am also truly thankful to you all for getting the work done within the deadline.

A great job well done! Thank you!"

Patrick Keiller

"I want to thank you for all your efforts and those of your team on Patrick Keiller's project. Given that it has been a somewhat unusual project and so demanding in its volume, it was constantly reassuring to know that you were so attentive to every detail and able and (most importantly) willing to resolve the challenges thrown up along the way."