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Osborne House, Wimbledon

Date: September 2016


  • Replacement of roof top tank covering and cladding
  • Replacement of balcony roofs and floor coverings
  • Extension of safety railings to roof and redecoration
  • Redecorate balcony soffits and railings
  • Adapt existing and install new commumal TV satellite system

Osborne House is an existing residential development comprising a five storey block of residential flats that faces onto Wimbledon Park Road. In total 32 balconies needed to be assessed independently to identify the extent of the works required to bring the balconies up to a good standard of repair.

The project included the additional challenge that the flats where the work was to be carried out were occupied. This meant that MC Designers had to take particular care with regard to the health, safety, welfare, and comfort of the residents. There was also a need to consider vehicle movement so that risks to both employees and those coming into contact with our business was minimised.

MC Designers approach

With the sensitive nature of the project, with residents being on site whilst the works were being undertaken, MC Designers worked with Osborne House's management company and their Chartered Surveyor, JC Francis & Partners, to facilitate a safe and professionally executed project.

Understanding the importance of transparency when undertaking a project to minimise project creep, we ensured that our initial assessment was as accurate and detailed as possible. We also chose materials that we knew would be of benefit to not only the residents, but also the management company. For example we used heat reflective paint for not only its cooling properties, but also for its finish.

In addition we noted that an extensive amount of the existing perished asphalt permitted water to ingress into the flats. This we included as part of our schedule of works to ensure that the flats became water-proofed.

Specific Projects


Before commencing the repairs to the balcony the existing balcony flooring (which included decking, tiles, and fake grass) was stripped and concrete repairs was made using Ronocrete. All blisters and slumps in the mastic asphalt were repaired. The balcony floors were then laid with the Decothane Balcons 20 and promenade tile coverings.  Along with waterproofing the balconies solar reflective paint was used on surfaces to provide a cooling and professional finish.

Work to roof and balcony railings included removing all blistered, poorly adhering or otherwise defective coatings. Where flaking or rusting had occurred or where coatings were defective, the entire member or section was stripped back to bare metal and all surfaces were cleaned to remove dirt, grease and surface contaminants. One coat of Armstead Undercoat along with two coats of Armstead High Gloss Finish was then applied to the railings. We also installed a key clamp safety edge protection hand rail around the perimeter of the roof that was self-weighted to stop people falling off.

To ensure that the balconies were finished to a high standard the balcony soffits and pebble-dashed end walls were redecorated. This involved not only removing all defective coverings, but making good defective areas, and then treating any areas affected by mould, lichens, algae and moss with Dulux Trade Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash. Once dry new pebble-dash was applied and the walls were painteded with Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint.

Tank Roof

The roof top tank was covered in perishing pebble-dash, and the timber doors were in a poor condition. Initially we supplied and fixed timber battens to the existing tank room walls and then fixed dark grey Marley Eternit Equitone (Pictura) Cladding panels to the battens.

On inspection of the tank room roofs we noted that water was pooling on the roofs as the falls were incorrect. We stripped the existing asphalt and removed the timbers and then refixed the timbers making the adjustment for the falls so that the water drained correctly to the downpipes., which were renewed. The roof was reinstated and then a new asphalt system was laid that comes with a 20 year guarantee.

New lead flashings were fitted to the main roof and sealed and the roof and tank were left fully water tight.

Communal Satellite TV System

MC Designers were also responsible for installing the new communal satellite TV system. This work included supplying and fitting 2 communal satellite dishes and 1externally mounted aerial that connected Osborne House's internal cabling with 2 dedicated cables that terminated within the existing TV point on the outer wall of each flat's living room.


Osborne House benefitted from repairs that upgraded the structure and led a more aesthetic finish to the balcony and roof area.