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Manfred Court



The works were only to the rear and flank elevations and included:

  • Replacement covering to dormer roofs
  • Cleaning and repairing brickwork
  • Repairing and redecorating existing render
  • Repairing rainwater goods
  • Repairing timber windows
  • Redecoration of previously decorated areas
  • Providing new external lighting

Manfred Court, Putney is an existing residential development comprising a purpose built block of 24 flats over 4 storeys.

The project included the additional challenge that the flats were occupied whilst the work was undertaken. This meant that MC Designers had to take particular care with regard to the health, safety, welfare, and comfort of the residents. There was also a need to consider vehicle movement so that risks to both employees and those coming into contact with our business was minimised.

MC Designers approach

With residents being exposed to the working practices of MC Designers we worked with Manfred Courts's management company and their Chartered Surveyor, JC Francis & Partners, to facilitate a safe and professionally executed project that ensured the health, safety, and welfare of all those coming into contact with our work.

Specific Projects

Dormer Roof and Balconies

The existing felt roof covering to the tops of all the dormers was stripped and disposed of in accordance to the management company's requirements. The dormer's flat roof was then recovered with a new 3 layer SBS torch-on felt that comes with a 15 year insurance backed guarantee from the Manufacturer. Dressing underneath existing tiles was allowed for and the existing sarking felt was lapped to the outer side of the new felt. New edged trims were supplied and fitted to the side and front of the new roof covering and the whole dormer left in a fully watertight condition.

Where defects in the balconies' existing asphalt were found these were repaired and all exposed asphalt was treated with solar reflective paint.


All defective pointing was raked out and repointed using a mixture of 5:1:1 mortar with a flush finish to match existing. Where the render had cracked around the base of the rear chimney all loose and defective render was raked out and replace with render to match existing. All flaunchings to both chimneys were replaced.

External Walls

The rear and flank walls were jet washed to clean all the brickwork and render. Once this had been completed any cracked and perished render was raked out and make good with sound render to match. The render was then painted with 2 full coats of smooth masonry paint.

Where the brickwork required replacing this was done with new bricks to match the existing and where repointing was needed this was also undertaken with mortar to match existing. 

Windows and Doors

Many of the windows and doors at Manfred Court were rotten, particularly on the top floor where they were more exposed to the elements. We replaced 6 rear doors along with the frames cutting out and repairing timber as required. All doors were stripped of existing paint, repaired where necessary, and then painted with 2 coats of trade primer undercoat and finished with Johnstone’s Trade Stormshield Flexible Gloss.

Metal Work 

One of the fire escapes was rubbed down to remove defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax etc.. The surface was then thoroughly prepared with a zinc phosphate primer, and then two coats of Johnstone's Trade Quick Dry. Johnstone’s Floor Anti-Slip Additive was added to the paint used on the treads.

The other fire escape was deemed to be hazardous and not safe and we had a new stair case fabricated. This work was subcontracted to an external specialist metalworker who fabricated it working off site measurements. The existing fire escape was decommissioned and new stair case installed. 


Manfred Court benefitted from repairs that upgraded the structure and led a more aesthetic finish to the balcony and roof area.