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Installation for Kings College Cambridge

08 March 2018 15:43

Yesterday we had an exciting day installing the plinths that we had made for Regina José Galindo's 'Monument to the Invisibles' in the front court of Kings College Cambridge. The installation was part of Kettle's Yard's exhibition 'Actions. The image of the world can be different'.

Kettle's Yard is the Cambridge University's modern and contemporary art gallery. Their current exhibition, Actions. The image of the world can be different is looking to "reassert the potential of art as a poetic, social and political force in the world".

Galindo's installation 'Monument to the Invisibles' consisted of five elevated figures surrounding the Henry VI statue and fountain. Each figure was covered in a sheet making the elevated group look dramatic, and yet somehow anonymous, against the green lawn of the front court. Gallindo did not dedicate her work to anyone or anything, but as a political artist the installation was haunting and engendered thoughts of those who do not have a voice in a world which commerates the rich and famous with statues.

We had made the plinths for the exhibition prior to the installation following the requirements of the artist. We also had to build the platforms so that they would be stable on the grass, whatever the weather conditions.

Once the exhibition had finished we removed the plinths and ensured that they were disposed of in line with our environmental policy.